Social Cancer

As SriLankans  whenever we look around, maybe a newspaper or the evening news we see the farce that is SriLankan politics everywhere. It’s something that people like to chat about aswell; “this minister did this”, “that minister was involved” and so on. So it is very easy to point fingers at our governing officials, but then again is it really their fault only? But living in a democratic country, is it not we who elected them into power? Is it not we who continue to tolerate their antiques and not do anything about it when we should? So what then is the point of us living in a democracy, a system where we have the rights to make changes for the betterment of our society. But a democracy where everyone is not actively engaged in, is no democracy at all and the very essence of democracy which is freedom, is lost.

So lets just trace it backwards starting from the countries current political situation which is just a chum bucket full of corruption, flawed policies, nepotism, injustice, bloodshed and a lot more. What has led to this is the individuals who the majority have entrusted to govern the country and fulfill the better interests of the people, but that hasn’t been happening for the past few decades. Srilanka’s political atmosphere for the past few decades has been clouded with shady politics and maniacal individuals, but no one has done anything to stop them leaving those who do to be singled out and swiftly cut down. So then comes the question as to how twenty million people just watch a mere two thousand or so going about raping the country and their futures. With that we take a step further back as to how they got into power in the first place.

That goes down to the naive voting choices due to the lack of education starting at one generation. This lack of education of course caused by general apathy and unpatriotic thinking leading to the wrong people being elected into the wrong places.  This apathy at the root of it all is like a cancer, originating at a cellular level and aggravating till the entire organism dies. In the same way, this apathy started with maybe a certain segment of a generation and has slowly spread across the generations destroying the foundations of governance and threatening the future. Repercussions of this extend from poverty to underdevelopment to the loss of many great lives. Being the ‘social’ cancer it is, apathy will just continue spreading across the generations, leading to more adverse effects on the country and this will just keep on getting worse till there is no freedom left to even make those bad choices. When will people realize whats happening and fight back, or will it be to late.

That is why the youth of this generation should step up and make right the mistakes of one generation. It’s a now or never situation, time to counter apathy or watch and let it capitulate our beautiful country.


2 thoughts on “Social Cancer

  1. i think you’re pretty much on the right track here.. dont worry about sticking to youth apathy.. just keep going along these lines and see where we end up!

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