Picturesque Desolation

As an urban dweller, my landscape is normally buildings, buildings, more buildings and maybe the occasional tree. So I imagine that outside this concrete jungle there’s just less buildings and more trees. But as it turned out when we visited Kalpitiya, it was more than just the vice versa of flora and infrastructure, it was almost like a world of its own.

Apart from the bus your travelling on, everything around seems almost alien, the frequent random puddles of water on a extremely dry day to the white island like masses in the middle of the puddles. Standing on the foot board of a bus and looking out, every meter you pass is insatiably picturesque as if it had been created by a landscaper.

Most of the flora look like they’ve been taken care of tediously using Bonsai and the sea breeze adds to its allure. You just feel a sudden urge to go closer and be part of this living art. But then you look up and notice the sun blazing down on you and the land. That’s when you realize how desolate the area really is, the sparsity of life, the scorching heat and the lack of almost everything we take for granted in our urban lives. However picturesque the scenery, its desolation just makes me all the more grateful about my circumstances and location.


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