Stoners Paradise

Anarchy can be described as a form of governance where there is no rulership or enforced authority, a community where everyone has perfect liberty and control over their lives. But over the course of the last century we have seen it fail, pushed aside by established and supposedly better forms of government such as democracy, autocracy and so on. Anarchy has always been associated with chaos, violence, drugs, hippies and so deemed an unstable system. So the general consensus has been that anarchy eventually leads to chaos. But unknown to many is a town of community that has defied all that for almost four decades. Christiana or Freetown Christiana as it is known is situated in the Danish capital of Copenhagen and was established back in the 1970’s. It’s what is known as a micronation but it started out as a neighbourhood of homeless people squatting on a previous military area. It was founded or rather declared open by a member of the Danish Anarchist Party at the time. Since then it has become a community of hippies where the marijuana trade is legal, the national anthem is a rock song, a pub named ‘Woodstock’ and the only rule is ‘no hard drugs’. Surely this has to be the most liberal area on earth.

The national anthem of  Christiana


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