Through the Crevice

Voting in this election is like putting your hand through a crevice in a rock. In the first one you already know what’s on the other side, that is the government and all things associated with it; corruption, nepotism, oppression, diplomatic carelessness, etc. Ofcourse these aren’t things you would associate with good governance and so by default you focus on the alternative. But now in this case, do we really know what’s on the other side of that crevice? of this total concoction of political parties who reek of political opportunism.The latter does sound very daft, considering the history of those involved in this freak alliance.

So under the circumstances, both crevices seem equally dangerous to stick ones hand into, so how do we make the choice? Do we think of damage control and vote for the faction we assume will do the least damage in the next four years? The answer is just beyond me considering recent events in the political atmosphere. So I guess the only logical way left to decide which crevice to stick my hand in, is by simple ‘Ini-Mini-Myni-Moe’!

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