Where can I tune into?

As we all can see the race to the polls is heating up as the advertising campaigns intensify, rallies multiply and days go by. There is so much activity in and around the political atmosphere that it is really hard to keep track of it if you’re the average srilankan coming home from work in the evening. The best option to tune into the evening news, but this is when the dilemma arises. Is there a news channel out there that isn’t either controlled by the government or suppressed by it. I mean when considering the main evening news programs, it is quite obvious that Rupavahini, Channel Eye, ITN and now Swarnawahini are Pro-Government and biased in their coverage. The majority of the items focus on MR and almost every commercial break is taken up my a MR advert and of course I’m sure most people have seen Mervyn Silva singing for Derana. As for the remaining properly watched news channels or should I say, the Sirasa and MTV news programs are obviously holding back when it comes to things pertaining to the opposition. I was watching the news a few days ago at 9 when a JVPer was speaking and every time he mentioned someone on the government, be it MR or Gota, the word was beeped. But who can blame them, after all they got bombed last time. The same problem extends to the print media, so under the circumstances how can the media do its job of conveying the truth to the people, something that should be easily done given we live in a ‘democratic’ country. Then again, thats another story isn’t it.

One thought on “Where can I tune into?

  1. The Best bet you have my friend is to get a cable TV connection and watch Discovery Channel or NatGeo or Animal Planet. At least you are sure that you’ll learn something in the end.

    As for your vote, you don’t have to listen to all these speeches to decide what to do. You know what the candidate has done and NOT done, and who has experience or not. Get a election manifesto from each candidate, read it. Decide how realistic their promises are.

    That’s it.

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