Your Mother

Clashing of thoughts and ideals is a common thing, often ending up in disagreement, verbal spats and even brawls. When it comes to the verbal spats, there’s the exchanging of words in different tones, yelling, cussing and swearing, etc. But one thing I’ve noticed is that most of the time, the swearing isn’t directed at the person on the other end of the argument. Instead, someone’s mother is always drawn into the verbal barrage with someone being called a ‘mother-fucker’ or ‘son of a bitch’ or ‘vesige putha’ and so on. I mean, why does the mother who in most cases isn’t part of the argument pulled into it in such a manner.It’s just absurd to me yeah, but then again thats just my two cents.


One thought on “Your Mother

  1. to hit em where it hurts. cz then it gets all personal, & the other guy will be like “OH NO YOU DIDN”T!!!” and then they punch each other out. *boom boom pow* 😀

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