Redline Fail

In the past few weeks, the ongoing exchange of words between the different political factions has taken center stage on most news programs. It starts off with a clip of someone hurling an accusation followed by a clip of the rebuttal from the opposing camp. This just goes on and on, on all news programs. Most of the clips are taken at rallies held in different regions of the country. I mean aren’t these rallies supposed to be used to show the country a reason to vote for them. as in promote their reforms and policies? But anyway, I’m sure that most must have notice that both the leading candidates haven’t had such a direct rally of insults or even had a face to face debate on their plans. Instead it is their minions who have been going around slinging mad at the rival party’s candidate. One of the more prominent exchanges went on between now SLFP MP Wimal Weerawansa and UNP MP Dayasiri Jayasekera regarding the ‘HICORP’ case. For weeks now the media has hi-lighted this exchange till it came to a point where the two agreed to sort it out face to face.

Enter Swarnawahini’s ‘Rathu Ira’ political program. Quite a popular program due to its genre of entertainment and bringing to the table of prominent faces to have a go at each other. If I remember correctly, last week it was MP Mervyn Silva vs. Hon Ranjan Ramanayake and it was quite intense. This week it was to be MP Wimal Weerawansa vs MP Dayasiri Jayasekera, but alas, there were two from the government side with MP Rajitha Senaratne being present. Now it’s not rocket science to know who is at a disadvantage here and besides, everyone tuned in to see MP Weerawansa and MP Jayasekera, not Senaratne who obviously needs to visit a neurologist to get his apparent winking problem checked. So now began a new debate on how the program should proceed, with MP Jayasekera insisting that he came there for a debate with MP Weerawansa, and MP Senaratne insisting that the government stated it would send two people so the opposition would have done the same. So ensued a lot of finger-pointing, accusations and a very perturbed host trying to gain control of the program. This just carried on past a few commercial breaks with the government being adamant on having to representatives while MP Jayasekera protested.

Now the obvious thing to do here was for MP Senaratne to leave as that would allow the other two to continue on their already highly publicized argument but this didn’t happen and obviously siting the obvious, MP Jayasekera left after all that commotion. So the program ended in failure and I’m sure a lot of disappointed viewers left cursing. But in a way, what happen yesterday was the quintessence of current Srilankan politics and the current state’s composition. Those who came in the name of the government yesterday were two politicians not originally SLFP members, but crossovers. Both who previously heavily criticized the government when on the other side. But anyway that’s another story isn’t it. In all the show was a farce and hopefully the same wont be repeated next week but who knows, when it comes to our politicians its best to expect the unexpected.


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