Faith or Science.hmm..

I was in a tuk on the way to an interview when the driver asked me where I was going, so I told him. He wished me good luck and then asked me if I checked my horoscope today. Now i was quite puzzled as I’m Christian so I don’t believe in the horoscope thing and I’m only vaguely superstitious. He went on and on about the importance of the cosmos, stars and my birth date.  I obviously didn’t understand much but what he said about everything being connected made sense. So then what really is really and there being a greater being. Is it some excuse we make for lack of a better explanation for the cause of everything so that our curiosity is satisfied? Or then is that more believable than the theory that everything came to being in a random explosion and life is a cycle where you are reborn after you die?

3 thoughts on “Faith or Science.hmm..

  1. Interestingly the image you used is widely known among general public as the “Eye of God”. Not sure whether you used it knowing this. But it suits the post. (We rather call it Helix Nebula which is a planetary nebula 700 light-years away, made out of gas, dust, etc…)

    In the movie “Contact”, Jodi Foster was asked whether she believed in God, when she said “No”. The priest says, 95% of the world believes in a greater being, and merely 5% is atheist or science community, therefore why they should use a person who goes against the 95%. That’s a good argument in a way.

    But what people are forgetting is that few hundred years ago, 99.9% of the world population thought the Earth was flat or Earth is the center of Universe, and these believes were there for thousands or years as well. Some like Galileo even had to pay the price with life for trying to prove this.
    Today about ~85% population believes in a greater being, this will probably change in another thousand years to come. We are still not seeing the “Overview”.
    Nice blog mate, enjoyed reading it. Cheers!

    • yeah i know it always appears in email’s hehe that’s what i captioned it as. well yeah, God is somewhat a pseudonym for that greater entity, so basically we have a lot of religions but ultimately one God.

      hehe thanks man cheers

      • oh yeh, there’s an email going around. think i got it few times as well.
        religion is something will last forever one way or another, I think religion becoming more spiritual nowadays. But im my personal opinion, I do not believe in a religion/god/greater being. 🙂 But I’m not against anyone who does. It’s just the choice I guess.
        Cheers mate!

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