Everyday is a war

I’ve been a sort of rebel all my life, always going against the norms, doing things according to my conscience and always getting punished for it yet rising to fight against for a self-righteous cause I haven’t thought about. Each day my mother tells me what not to say outside the house, people give me condescending glares because of my piercing and teachers question me about why i wear so much purple and black. Everyday is a war to live the way I want, say what I want and do what I want. Everyday is a war against a system that traps our ideals with culture, suppresses our freedom of expression and tries to make us dance to the beat they create. Everyday is a war to liberate our minds from these superficial barriers and survive to keep fighting in a world stuck in a cycle of misery and suffering.

I’ve officially been an activist for Beyond Borders for over three months more and everyday is a war to convince myself that I can make a difference. Everyday is a war against the system that tries to drain the hope in my actions and optimism in my motives. Everyday I fight within me to reassure myself that I will make a difference, that one day this war on reality will end. Everyday is a war to force out the doubt which fills my mind, heart and thoughts. Everyday I question if I am wasting my life trying to make a difference and if it’s all worth the trouble. Then I see my fellow rebels, bloggers, activists, mates and gain inspiration from the fact that I’m not alone. Everyday is a war to keep alight the rebel in me, to be the change I want to see in the world. Everyday is a war, to survive in this fucked up world and change it. There seems to be no end to it and that is where I gain my purpose from. Everyday is a war that never ends and amen to that.

6 thoughts on “Everyday is a war

      • Oh.. really 😦 Find someone to translate for U 😛

        Wel , I write about everything, my life, the things that interest me, taboo subjects in Sri lanka like : homosexuality etc..

        I try to contribute too , even in a very subtle way.. I believe trying is all we can do and we all should do it …

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