Not going to vote? then STFU!

I’m sure most of us have read a blog post or two on voting or refraining from it. But then I ask, what is the point of refraining from voting when its the one of only democratic rights we have left. Democracy is supposed to be a system that works only if everyone participates, so then why complain about the candidates instead of exercising your liberty and choosing the option you think is best by your measure. That way you’re more like an investor in that persons candidacy and so have a right to complain later.

So if your not going to vote, might as well shut the fuck up because it just means your staying away from the system. There are so many people in the north and IDP’s in the northwest who want to vote but haven’t got the liberty just because of their circumstances. I mean these are people eager to exercise their right to vote whilst some others choose to refrain and then complain about it. They talk about hopeless politicians, corruption and crime when according to the constitution, they themselves are committing a crime by refraining from voting.


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