Thank You Sinhalaya Travels

I’ve been in Srilanka for 10 years now, most of it commuting from home to school or work  in urban Colombo. I’ve been to the hills twice, down south as far as Hikkaduwa and Chilaw in the north. Looking at the map, thats just pathetic when you think about how big Srilanka really is and how much there is, to see in it. Of course even the journeys to those places was by private vehicles and the most memorable of the journeys was that went through Kaduganawa to Nuwara Eliya along the scenic mountains. Nothing exciting, just sitting back and taking in the beauty of the hills while the grown-ups yap about politics. But then a month ago all that changed and I was privileged enough to travel with the Sinhalaya Travels crew on one of their intrepid treks to the various regions of Srilanka.

The experience is just unforgettable and hardcore in all senses of the word. It’s crude, spontaneous and exhilarating, filled with uncertainty, tension and elation. At the start of the year we o left to Kalpitiya on the morning train after only deciding to do so at 8pm the previous day, relying on scrappy information from government websites for travel routes and  lugging a tent for accommodation. The whole thing was just spontaneous and could have gone wrong in so many places but that uncertainty just added to the experience. It was the same or even better on our excursion to Jaffna which is beyond words really to describe the experience of this brand of hardcore travel which Sinhalaya Travels incorporates.

Anyway, Thank you Sinhalaya Travels for giving us an insight into the many scenic locations of Srilanka, showing us more of this fucking awesome country than we normally get to see and showing us it doesn’t take much to explore it yourself. Cheers

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