His son-in-law

Here I am trying to create a database for an assignment while my mum watches the news. There is this thing about Fonseka’s son-in-law being called to the CID in the HICORP case. The news goes onto explain about the case and why he is wanted. But then I was just thinking, would they have pulled up the matter if SF hadn’t run for elections? Obviously the government paid for the arms with our money, they would have known what kind of a deal they were getting into. So why not bring this up when they were carrying out the deal? It’ll be interesting to see what other conspiracies arise as more people pledge support to SF.


4 thoughts on “His son-in-law

  1. The fact that when SF’s son-in-law appeared at the CID he was asked to come back later cos they were too busy, shows what a false story this actually is.

    It’s an utter shame that the CID have allowed themselves to be used like this.

    Yet another reason as to why i will vote for SF

    • Well I guess you really can’t blame the CID because they are a component of governance system and so just like the judicial system they cannot take their own initiative on these matters. But yeah acts like this are just another to vote for SF

  2. Well, there is ample documentary evidence, in addition to the conduct of involved parties, to suggest that the Hicorp allegation is quite credible. I don’t think Fonseka stole much (not more than a few million dollars) and Gotabhaya can’t micro-manage every procurement deal.

    Corruption is not the issue here. Fonseka is corrupt. So is Mahinda. Fonseka is less corrupt than Mahinda because he’s only had limited power so far. But he will be the same, if not worse if he becomes the president.

    Let’s not talk about similarities. The difference is that Fonseka is not fit to be a civilian leader. He’s backed by the enemies of our nation. He will probably end up being an extremely violent, divisive and unsuccessful dictator. The same forces who are now trying to elect him will be out in the streets asking for his head. His ineptness and indiscretion will allow these forces to have more power, and enforce a complete overhaul of our country.

    Our enemies don’t want to see stability. Mahinda is the only one who can guarantee stability, which is absolutely essential for peace and economic growth.

    • Well its advantageous for me as well for MR to be in power but the only problem I have with MR is the way he is imposing on the lives of people. I can’t smoke a cigarette on the road after a long hard day of work, or people can’t access their favorite porn site, not to mention an up-coming ban on alcohol. Now that’s what I call dictatorship, when some who is supposed be an overall administrator for the governance system tries to impose what they think is best. This is a democratic country after all, we should be given a choice on what do with our lives. How do we judge who is and isn’t an enemy of the country? Plus, in terms of saying SF will be worse than MR is only an assumption.

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