Information centre fail

Last week we were planning on going to Jaffna and were arranging the logistics for it. The mode of transport was public mainly by rail which is government-run. Since I didn’t have the number to the Srilanka Railways department I checked up on the SLR website which normally displays the timings of the trains. But I wasn’t really sure if the schedule was regular since it was a public holiday that we would be travelling. But then right below the search bar there was a flashing advert which went “1919 call-1919 ask-1919 know-government information center-for all government citizen information” So I thought, hmm, how convenient” and rang them up. A female operator answered and I asked her about the timings of the trains on Thursday. She answered with a polite “I’m sorry Sir we don’t have that information yet” and gave me the number to the railways department. I mean what’s the use of it if they can’t provide any information because I just got the same we don’t have that information yet answer to another two questions. Whats the point of having an information center without any information.

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