Stay out of my phone, atleast

Spam is something we all hate and luckily our email accounts have spam filters provided by the email service providers themselves. But now what about text messages? This year began with all of us receiving a  text from the president and then later in the day, the Dalada Maligawa to messages more recently, one claiming to be a daily mirror reporter telling us about how many people were attending the President’s rally and then one today about how Sarath Fonseka planned to plant a bomb at his own rally. All these things I honestly didn’t want to know and I could only reply back to express my dissatisfaction to two of the senders, the President not one of them as Dialog didn’t allow it.

I mean what’s the meaning of this, isn’t it bad enough we see the adverts on almost every God damned wall in the city, every fucking channel on TV and now even on all our favorite websites? but now we get them on our phone aswell, I’ve heard of aggressive advertising but this is ridiculous. Just seeing the candidates face on a wall, YouTube or a message from him isn’t going to make us vote for him, we as citizens want to be informed on policies, etc not on what the other candidate isn’t doing right. I think these retards spend more time on their fucking propaganda than they do on compiling their manifestos. For fucks sake, at least give us the liberty to live a day without hearing of this political farce in our country!


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