Thou Shall Not Support HIM

On the other tab of my browser is the Daily Mirror webpage and I’m on this article titled as ‘Government suspicious over Harry J’. It alleges that the government information department has information that Harry J secretly met with SF and offered his support. Of course we know that itself is a crime in the eyes of the government. It goes on to say quote “Harry Jayawardene’s wife the Consul General for Denmark the conduct of the business tycoon may give way to issues of conflict of interest at state level.” I mean what kind of information could they possibly give-away that we don’t already know about and just because their presidential candidate of choice is SF, why would they do something derogatory to the country. It’s like they’re saying SF is the devil, supporting him is a mortal sin and though shall be punished. Well I guess in a week we shall see who starts repenting.

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