Hello my name is Vinayagasomething Muralitharan and I’m your Minister of National Integration,  but I think you know me better as Karuna Amman, the founder of the TMVP. Yes I am a member of parliament and I’ve got serious power in the east. People can learn a great lesson from my life so far about getting second chances. I mean I haven’t always been this way, going around in government vehicles and getting my ass kissed my the government. I used to don a rebel uniform and go around murdering innocent Sinhalese and Muslim people for my good buddy Prabahkaran. But of course we did get into a little argument and stop seeing each other. But then I got to know the kind Rajapakse family who of course were my enemies when I was plotting bomb attacks a while ago. They even sent me on a holiday to the UK  and after I came back gave me this brilliant job. So I now live in luxury thanks to my former enemy’s money(the Srilankan people) and I’m not charged for all the terrible things I did to those innocent people. I just love the way Srilankan politics works, because all I had to do get here was fuck-over a friend, quite a bargain I must say.


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