This was written ages ago and I can’t even remember why and I can’t even figure out what to tag it as, but thought I’d put it up here.

As I folded my arms on the railing and turned to the left
there she was,hair flowing with the wind so smoothly
the ends of her hair bathed in the orange setting sun
her radiant skin and gentle features shone like the sun itself
with her eyes closed and chin raised,I must be seeing an angel.
Never have I seen beauty like this,so pure,so innocent,yet exotic
my heart pounds harder and harder,my head feels so light
I think,I think I’m in love,truly,deeply,madly in love
but how could it be?could this be the one I’ve been searching for?
I have to know her,I have to talk to her
Just then she opens her eyes and stares straight into mine
I’m paralyzed,I can barely breath…whats happening
I’m peering into eyes of blue like I’ve never seen before
she smiles at me,I must talk to her!yes I’m going to talk to her now
Suddenly she leans over the edge and lunges into the water
I can’t believe whats happening,she plunges further into the blue abyss
I stretch my hand out to her,she reaches out to me
the water splashes around as she disappears out of sight.
I didn’t even get a chance to meet her,talk to her,what was her name?
I fall to my knees unable to come to terms with what just happened
The wind blows a piece of paper towards me and I open it up;
“to the world that has given me so much,yet taken so much
thank you for everything and sorry for everything
love I have found,love I have lost,I have given my heart but found no one to give me one
blessed are the hearts that can be bended for they shall never be broken.”

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