The 27th and beyond

Quite an interesting year it has been so far especially with the ‘swan’ setting alight the political atmosphere. Last years war-win jubilation seems distant as this year brought optimism, optimism that we will finally get a proper leader and government. The printing presses have probably reached their highest first quarter profit margins ever and the electronic media too would have made its fair share. Even in the blogosphere there is so much belief in the fact that Sarath Fonseka will win and I sincerely hope he does but then you think about reality, the history of the individuals in government now and then you realize the odds SF is up against. But then you really have to question how legitimate and corruption free this election is really going to be. The rally’s and all that have already resulted in death, injuries and property damage.

Deep inside you get this ominous feeling that it’s all going to go wrong and the forces of corruption will prevail. This regime has too much to lose and has enough power to effectively turn things in their favor. A few days ago MP Mahindananda Aluthgama stated that “it is we the government who have all the power, we control the police, we control army…”, it is just a testament to the arrogance and abuse of state resources to violate the sovereignty of our country as done before as well. There is no way to guarantee a free and fair election when half the media is controlled by the government and the other half is muffled by it. So come the 27th, things will still be the same and worse. Most now raising their voices against the regime will either be leaving the country, be persecuted or even ‘silenced’ permanently. Ofcourse, a lot will customarily cross-over and we very well know who they are.

Srilanka will descend deeper towards Totalitarianism and beyond. At this point everything seems bleak, a result of years of policy makers ignoring the importance of education on governance maybe even intentionally. Lets just hope I’m wrong.

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