In that Srilankan way

He came, he campaigned, he lost. So ends the story of the once great General Sarath Fonseka. Yes, we have the various texts and stories going around about them not accepting the result but sadly, there is no mechanism in place for such a scenario so the result will stand. Which means congratulations Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse for successfully winning a second term in office. As for the opposition, the moment is over and very soon the ‘cross-over’ season will commence, but in that Srilankan way it’s no big deal, it always happens. As for Ranil and the Green camp, boohoo! another election and all the money spent on it down the drain, but I must say, they deserve it because after all, the executive presidency was their doing as was the trend of killing opposing statesmen.

As for the people and the future, I really pity the people of the north and east who have time and time expressed their disapproval of the people governing them but to no avail. But in that Srilankan way, they are the ‘minority’ so no one is going to give a damn. As for the other’s well like it or not Mahinda Rajapakse is our president whether you voted for him or not. For the people who voted for him I hope you’re happy and continue to live in your ignorant emotion driven ways till one day you realize what governance is. Pity on those who didn’t vote for the president, yes I know you thought about the country and your wallets. But in that Srilankan way it’s really not that heartbreaking right, justice has always been something missing here, besides life goes on tomorrow and we as Srilankans naturally get over things fast so its no biggie.

As a whole the past few weeks have really made no difference except maybe to the five children of that mother who was killed in a rally. Life will go on, hopefully with a few less posters around. We will still be a country divided by superficial ideals and opportunistic individuals. But in that Srilankan way, it’s all normal, the dependence on donor money, the failed democratic system, the farce called our political atmosphere. Regardless of it all, we are still a beautiful country with so many beautiful people and in that Srilankan way, life here will always be full of political drama and uncertainty but thats what makes it interesting.


6 thoughts on “In that Srilankan way

  1. Great article which summed it all up! Kudos!

    I am trolling around on FB and countering the status updates of friends who are supporting MR. However, I do realize that all is futile because they, too, have had their judgement clouded by MR & Co’s promises…

    I find it hard to belive that the same people who studied in the same class as I did cannot separate fact from fiction…

    Anywayz, enough with the grumbling, let’s now start rambling on the general elections, which is sure to follow soon after! 😀

      • You know, the first thing I missed after the war was ended was talking about the war itself with so many ppl! If there ever was an akward moment with someone, you just had to say “LTTE” and, bang, you could start a conversation which could go on forever!

        However, the Rajapaksa Samagama (which now includes his son, Namal, as well) and his cronies will give us plenty to talk about….

        The pleasures of living in a corrupt country…can you imagine how boring it would be in corruption-free countries like Switzerland or New Zealand? 😉

  2. “For the people who voted for him I hope you’re happy and continue to live in your ignorant emotion driven ways till one day you realize what governance is ”

    lol @ the emotionally hurt presumptuous ignorance of that statement .

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