Paying to get fucked

I just read the article on the government bringing down a team from China to monitor the internet activity here in Srilanka. Which clearly is an attempt to violate the only place left for us to express our views freely. I wonder what right one has to suppress another’s right to express themselves. In this case, what right does a government have to oppress the citizens who pay to keep the it running in the first place. The government’s role is to try govern so that almost all parties can be satisfied. Criticism is normally the feedback to the government that they aren’t doing something wrong, or rather not doing something right.

A government is basically the body of people chosen to administrate the state and larger processes of the country like law, economics, etc. So according to the concept they are just a bunch of people appointed to ensure all citizens needs are satisfied. Sadly though in these modern times, our government has into something disgusting, something daft. It is almost as if the government is a separate entity telling the people what to do whilst taking their money. What gives the government the right to decide it has better judgement than the people. Are they not human just like everyone? hence imperfect, do not they lack the capacity to decide infallibly what is right or wrong for another person’s life.

So then the rises the questions; why do people watch as their fates fall victim to the avarice of others? Why pay to keep going what is raping their futures? Why not stand, stand up for themselves? Very soon I suppose even these blogs we take for granted will disappear, or we will disappear, in a van we somehow paid for. Kind of like prostitution where you pay to get fucked up.

5 thoughts on “Paying to get fucked

  1. I don’t know whether those things do matter in Sri Lanka. Not only the government takes our rights away they know how to make ordinary citizens agree with them in taking away their own rights.

    When there is no visible protest against this move even in kottu where individual liberty is supposed to be valued what hope do we have with the society as a whole?

    A spineless society is on the way. It is too late now.

    • Well in my view, the way forward is large scale activism. Yes it is a gamble, in the context seems unrealistic and requires more than just writing about it. The problem to combat is simple though. The people here have intentionally been kept ignorant and uneducated on the workings of government and so don’t know how to use the legalities of democracy to aid themselves. Ofcourse it is then debatable if we are still a democracy. We are a non-functioning one i guess since the people don’t realize their roles and so are apathetic to governance. So in terms changing this ‘spineless society’ empowerment through education is the way to do it. Given the circumstances, the question is if even that’s possible or not.

  2. The next step of the comprador strategy is to orchestrate an Iranian style twitter revolution. The government rightfully fears that blogs and other social media may be used by foreign funded NGOs and the UNP/JVP to mobilise people to create widespread unrest and violence. What we need is stability for growth, and I support the government’s actions to maintain it. We will resist an imposed regime change at any cost. The overwhelming majority of this people have democratically expressed their decision, and the comprador class will not be allowed to undermine our victory.

  3. hey been reading your blogs for the first time 🙂 nice writing. toook a while for me to figure out who mr. purpleboxers was but now me knows 🙂

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