National Security and International Wankers

“A threat to National Security”, quite a smart guise under which to impose media censorship and suppress freedom of expression. But then again is national security and government integrity the same thing? There has been an increase in the raids on media organizations, especially the print media. Apparently their statements against the government are a threat to national security. But isn’t it the role of the media to be the communication medium between the citizens and the people elected to run the state. So obviously criticism from the media is a direct reflection of the people’s opinion on a matter they think the government isn’t doing well with. So why kill the messenger instead of making improvements.

Another thing that is on the increase is the number of organization’s abroad that are calling for boycott’s of Srilankan products. They are all over the internet and their most popular mode of spreading their message is YouTube. From the comments on the user profile’s of these channels it is quite obvious that these are bitter LTTE supporters still going on with the Ealem crap. The message they re-iterate over and over again is that the Tamils are being slaughtered, the UN reports on Srilanka’s Human Rights situation, all presumptuous and all unsupported claims. The campaigns call for a boycott of products like clothing and tea, which are a large source for Srilanka’s income. What these wankers don’t understand is that their presumptuous acts are affecting the country as a whole. Affecting the lives of man still recovering from the conflict, still affected by our government.

2 thoughts on “National Security and International Wankers

  1. The reason why people continue with the Eelam stuff is largely because some people still stand to gain financially from this and so they continue this propoganda…It’s pretty similar to how the Government says ‘Threat to national security’ so that they can continue their witch hunt against SF supporters!

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