The Fine Line

He used to keep me on his shoulders and teach me about cars as they passed by.

Held me by the hand and took me for walks, all the while teaching me about the past

Che Guevara, Woodstock, The World Wars, Jimi Hendrix, Sir Don Bradman and more.

Taught me about life and not taking things for granted. Having fun and respecting women.

But then in just one day I found myself collapsing under the weight of his coffin

Trying to hold my world together as reality set fire to it and fate hurled me into the doldrums

Chilling how fine the line is between life and death, laughter today to tomorrows dead silence

Funny how much we take for granted in this life when it can all change in an instant

I still look at my Dad’s old chair sometimes and I’m reminded how suddenly the inevitable dawns

11 thoughts on “The Fine Line

  1. This touched the finest of my heart strings. This was beautifully written. Hugest hug ever.

    And you know what, wherever your Dad may be, I’m pretty sure he would have been proud of the person you’ve become. I certainly know I’m lucky to have you as friend and I don’t just mean that, you truly are a beautiful person.

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