Wake up in the morning, watch the sun rise over the horizon

Light up a cigarette and take in the smoke

With every little drag you take, the little more you die

Leave your morals behind and set out to work

Spend your minutes and moments doing the unsavory

Your life is full yet you feel empty almost hollow

The world passes you by in a blur, the blur of reality

There is no time to contemplate self or beyond

Creativity dies, smiling at the right people is what matters

Everyday ends in regret just like it began

You feel like you’re trying to walk up a downwards escalator

Even an instant’s pause takes you down

Hope lies both at the top as well as the bottom

Hope for control at the top, hope for peace at the bottom

Rest from this cruel world of hate and avarice

But that’s all the time you have to think

You toss away the cigarette bud and just keep going

Going till one day that peace comes to your mundane life

After reality has burnt away your soul leaving just your body

Much like the cigarette bud, to be thrown away and forgotten


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