One among the many

She held her little son and stared down the road as he walked away smiling. She tried hard to force a smile but just couldn’t, fear had paralyzed her. With every step he took forward, the more the ominous weighed down her heart.  Here was her husband and father to her son walking away to save his country. His love for the motherland was too great for even her to stop him from marching into the iron storms in the north. The nights that followed were sleepless and often spent praying for his return. Her prayers were answered but in a way she had dreaded all along. Her whole being throbbed in agony and anguish as her son walked around what was left of his father. There was a sense of awe in his eyes as his mother clutched the coffin and wept. Her tears fell in acceptance of her fate and affliction for her son’s. A week later and there was still no word from those who commanded him. Her constant trips to the army offices yielded her nothing but insults and aching legs. Her relatives shunned her, forcing her to take up work to feed her son and run their small home. Was this the price she had to pay for marrying a patriot? Is this the life countless other women had to go through for the same reason? Months later the war was declared over and the so-called leaders who had no part in fighting it were hailed as heroes while no mention was made of those who perished for the sake of everyone. Sometimes she feels betrayed by everyone, trying hard to keep alive her husbands memory. His grave is just one among the many caused by the war. But the war for her not over for her though, it goes on inside her everyday, the conflict of emotions, the turmoil in her soul and all that drives her is giving her son a better life in the country his father died for.

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