Jungle Beach

Last week I was on another one of the Sinhalaya Travels expeditions, this time to the historical city of Galle. Ofcourse, all the details of the whole journey will be up on the new website so watch out for that. When we got there, Galle was abuzz with the Galle Lit Festival cheer and really quite crowded because of it. After many hours of travel and a few more hours cycling inside the Galle Fort, we were now quite in need of a wash. So the beach along the walls of the Fort was the obvious option, but sadly its full of people, the reef prevents you from going more than 2 meters without hurting yourself and the water was below waist level where you can stand. It wasn’t much fun and just before we got in, the people there had found a sea urchin.

©Halik Azeez

So the next day we decided to go in search of what was known as the ‘jungle beach’. The name itself added some intrigue to it and the locals said that it was quite secluded. It lay on the eastern tip of the Galle bay, almost bordering Unawatuna and this meant a 5-10km bike ride for us. It was after getting onto the road leading to it that we discovered why it was so secluded. The only land route to Jungle Beach was over a mountain that at the beginning was steep enough to force us off our bikes. The upward gradient continued for maybe another 1km till it leveled out at the middle point by which time we were quite exhausted. But the view was just spectacular.

©Halik Azeez

The picture says it all, the height we were at and how much more we had to go.  It got harder because a few hundred meters later the road ran out and all that was left to travel on was a small path through the jungle. There was signs of a road but all that was left of it was the jagged rocks used to build its foundation. The perfect conditions for hardcore mountain biking really, but limited due to part of the path having sharp-leaved pineapple plants on both sides. But finally close to one hour later we got there and worth all the trouble, it was. Aside from a few fishing boats on the shore and German Robinson Crusoe, the beach was just perfect with calm waves and almost clear water.

©Halik Azeez

©Halik Azeez

It was hard leaving the water, but the time in it was worth the total journey both ways. Now and then even a week later, we all feel as if jungle beach is still calling out to us.

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