I was too lazy to go buy the papers today so I thought I’ll just read them online. But rather weirdly I could access neither the Sunday Leader nor the Sunday Times websites through my SLT connection. My first impression was that the sites could be down, but on a Sunday?the most important day for them. I was quite puzzled until someone commented on my blog and the referral to that was from the Kottu section on the Sunday Leader website and somehow I was able to visit the site through that link. What really is going on here? Is SLT blocking the newspaper sites as well? If it is the case not to be outdone by the media censoring elements I resorted to a ‘proxy by-pass’ used by the Chinese and it worked, using it I can view both websites with no problems. But still, shocking how far the government would go to stop us from receiving information, now resorting to Chinese help to further restrict us. But thanks to some other Chinese I could read my newspaper and even visit a certain other website blocked by the government.


7 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. Niether site is blocked, and the Government wouldn’t go to that extent, this soon. Whilst there are plenty of reasons for them to block the Sunday Leader, the Sunday Times is a different story. Blocking that would be like blocking the bible. Both sites work perfectly, and I assume you might have come across it at a time when the site was having technical difficulties.

    • Well your right about the Sunday Times I guess, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had difficulty with the Sunday Leader. Plus I did inquire with a few others and they had the same problem with the leader site which is when I used the proxy-rat to view it.

  2. well dude im not surprised bout them blocking those sites, a lot of other news sites have been blocked as well.. – lankanewsweb, and 4 more sites i really cant remember the links..anyway u can access them thru a proxy server..

    i was shocked to see
    Malwatte Chief Priest Ven. Thibbatuwawe Sumangala Thero’s speech, chief priest aka maha nayaka is like the pope in buddhism.. his expressions tell the story..

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