Adieu Socialist Democratic Republic of Srilanka

and welcome the Totalitarian State of Srilanka for now, never know when even the ‘Srilanka’ might be changed. We’ve seen the descent into this stage clearly with the state controlling the majority of the media, the purging of all who oppose the government and now the final nail in the coffin of democracy, the arrest of General Sarath Fonseka. It was the inevitable that he would be tried for things that he wouldn’t have been tried for if he was still supporting the government. But anyway this is supposedly the will of the majority as seen in the elections. I sense dark days ahead for liberty and freedom as the clutches of corruption and dictatorship tighten. Srilanka will descend further and further towards totalitarianism, I just pray that the masses will open their eyes, look past their superficial ideas and see the reality that is the death of democracy in this beautiful country. I shed a tear for democracy and those 4.1 million who tried to save this country yet failed, that too under shady circumstances. God help us all.


14 thoughts on “Adieu Socialist Democratic Republic of Srilanka

  1. General Sarath Fonseka is above the law. So he should never be arrested, because it’s a….. a… massive blow to democracy!

  2. He was going to testify against Sri Lanka at a war crimes inquiry. I always thought that the government will no option but to assassinate him if it came to this. Being arrested is always better than being killed.

    Sarath Fonseka deserved this. He was going to betray his own army and country.

    • If war crimes were perpetrated, how is it a betrayal to give evidence regarding them? Arresting someone who is willing to give evidence of crimes against humanity, is a betrayal of all moral codes that support true democracy.

      So if you believe the powers that be are right in arresting him in order to silence him, then you in turn are saying it is right to pervert the system of justice too.

      Where do we draw the line between national pride and pride in being a human being?

      • so are you saying victory justified murder? what if you were stuck in the crossfire and an army mortar blew your home and family up? would you have the same outlook?

      • Yes victory justified murder. I just wish your family was blown to bits in an LTTE bomb, maybe then your outlook would be different. Look at the history of the world, there have always been wars. Stop sitting in your silly little ivory tower purpleboxers.

      • The collateral damage was an acceptable cost to finish the war, which would have resulted in the deaths of much, much more. This was the lesser evil.

        Your argument is as silly as asking someone why did you fuck that girl, would you let someone else sleep with your daughter.

        It was either them or us. We won. End of argument.

  3. Ado modaya, vat yu saying?

    Ven ve put ta democrazy in da name den we know ve da real thing, no? Just like da German Democratic Republic and other very very democratic states, which put it so all get da message.

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