Our Public Servants

“Where do we draw the line between national pride and pride in being a human being?” was a comment made on a post of mine yesterday and in the current context of things it is the brutal truth. If the government did commit human rights violations, why still keep them in power? True that war has an acceptable human cost, but that is accounted for by th soldiers and patriots who willingly give their lives to that cause, not the innocent civilians caught in the cross-fire. Of course on hearing that you think about the LTTE suicide bombers and bus bombs, but in that context what makes the government any different from them?

Murder is murder whoever commits it, the government shouldn’t be treated differently from any other citizen. In fact, the government itself is not a seperate entity, its just a bunch of people chosen to take care of national governance because the rest of the people are busy being doctors, engineers, accountants, etc. More like public servants, so where did it go wrong. One of them is above the law, the others seem to be above it aswell, they are telling us what to do, censoring the media and killing opponents, where is democracy in all this? democracy where everyone has an equal right to live the way they want. But coming back to the point, is it right to overlook murder just because of what they are.

Yes, all this has been said on the assumption that the allegations are true, but if they aren’t why not let the accusers explain themselves and the justification behind their accusations. After all is it not the right of someone to speak? Is it not the right of someone to accuse? Is is not the right of someone to oppose? If they allegations we not true why muffle the accusers? Why kill the messengers?(media personnel) Is it not all against the values of democracy and religious principles of this country?

One thought on “Our Public Servants

  1. Whose deaths are you mourning kiddo? You don’t really believe that the army intentionally targeted Tamil civilians. They were simply caught in the crossfire, and the LTTE tried to get as many of them killed as possible for PR.

    Many of these civilians were family members or ardent supporters of the LTTE. They willingly went around with the LTTE from camp to camp. At the end, the LTTE kept them by force to use as human shields. They are an expendable cost to finish the war, but the army still tried to save as many as possible by risking their own lives.

    Do you think our military couldn’t kill the whole lot of them with our billions of dollars worth of weapons of mass destruction?

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