My tune, my choice

Music, it’s a sound, a fusion of many sounds,  a language, a cure and many more things. It’s a tune that communicates with your emotions and thoughts regardless of what creates it, a guitar or a violin, etc. Music comes in many beats, genres, tempo’s, tones  and all that. Each genre as they are classified by is different in their sounds, vibes and content. Everyone has their own tune of choice, the tune that makes them feel good or helps personify whatever emotions they want to experience or dwell on. It’s a matter of choice, because it’s something that you feel ‘within’ yourself, you know when listening to it, this is what you love. In my case I love ol’ school rock, the progressive bands and metal from the last century. That’s my choice, it’s what I like listening to the sound of it, the drums, the vocals and the all important guitar riffs, they just make me feel good. In the same way, some people may like rap and hip-hop, that’s their choice, they can relate to the music, it’s their choice to like it.

But something I hate is when these people who prefer rap and all that come-up to me and start to talk about metal just being noise and just guys in leather screaming out words no one understands. It’s understandable that they may perceive it that way because some genres of metal do involve ‘growling’ as it is known and they do wear a lot leather, but then again that is them, the musicians expressing themselves. People who can relate to everything expressed in the words and riffs like the music it’s their choice. That really doesn’t give others the right to judge them and be condescending only because they don’t have the same taste. I mean if you look at it plainly, rap is mostly just a black guy talking fast about money, sex and fame. Im just saying, but I mean if that’s their kind of tune, that’s their choice, I respect that. But coming back, although choice is a limited thing in this country, everyone should have the right to listen to the tune of their choice without any obstruction.

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