Through her eyes

We take so many things for granted everyday, every minute. The sun in the sky, the electricity to our computers and even life. I mean for most of us, we have everything we need, money, food, shelter, opportunities and much more. But for oh so many, this isn’t the story. There was this little girl on the bus the other day, not much taller than the seats, standing there in the front singing a song. It was quite a sight to watch as she sang as loud as she could, only for her voice to be drowned by the noise of the beastly engine behind her. After her short song, thrown about violently, she made her to way the back of the bus.

In her eyes you could see the hope that someone would give her something, but with every step came rejection and condescending glares. It’s chilling trying to imagine being  her, seeing the things she see’s, feeling the things she feels, the hope, the rejection, the cruelty. I mean just imagine having to walk into a bus, sing a song no one is listening to and walk around with your hand out-stretched hoping against all odds that someone will take pity and put something in your hand, however small it doesn’t matter you just want to feel it. Feel the coin that will help prolong your cruel life. I assume this just goes on day in day out for her. Bus after bus, that too only to be snatched away by the woman who brought her into this callous world.

All she sees are the turned heads of people, born into a world she did nothing to deserve, she spends every moment, everyday trying to survive, live on for a reason she has no time to think about. This is the fate of many children around the country, hurled into a life of misery. While our so-called politicians go around in their pursuits of riches and waste so much, no one really seems to care about these unfortunate destined to misery without a choice.

4 thoughts on “Through her eyes

  1. Yeah, mostly that is the case… I’ve been told that we do have a ‘beggar organisation’ of sorts… I don’t know to what extent it is true, though.

    Anyway, the question that arises is, do we give them money and encourage this? Because they could instead work and earn a living instead of begging.

    I think the government should do something about it… Set up soup kitchens, perhaps? Provide them with jobs, build a school for the children… They would benefit from this far more than begging.

    • really? a beggar organisation? O.o

      i guess some sort of income support should be offered to presents who utilize our ‘free’ education system and send their children to school while in the meantime the parents too can be educated to earn a living instead of resorting to begging

  2. Unless you have done something about this (I mean something real. Not just giving money to that girl), you have no right to blame the politicians. If you talk about the problems in the society, you should do something about them. Otherwise these are just empty words.

    • Well I do my fair share of work for society. but the point here is that it’s the duty of the state administrators to ensure that all citizens get fair opportunities regardless of circumstances, as in maybe an initiative to educate those under-privileged children’

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