Decisions come in all sorts of circumstances and magnitudes, sometimes or everyday. But frankly the only decisions I ever like taking are the ones regarding my food or what weapon to use while gaming. Sadly, life doesn’t always allow that simplicity, every once in a while it sends along something that leaves you all knotted up in your insecurities and shortcomings unable to think straight. I’ve been the stand-in man of the house for a while now and haven’t had too many critical decisions to make till now. But as usual out of the blue just when I think everything is going well (Note2self:don’t think of that next time) something comes up. No one else around to do so, I’m forced to ponder on the repercussions and consequences of the choices I will make. It’s a funny feeling because the magnitude of the decision seems to have sent my logic and prudence into hiding, leaving me to grope in the dark for answers that aren’t there.  All the while that one question keeps repeating itself, “what do you do, when you don’t know what to do?”


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