The mention of the word normally induces thoughts of red roses, candles, red wine, lace, lust or at least for the common srilankan teenager its lau, an umbrella, the beach and maybe some boiled corn. It’s just like avarice and sympathy, it’s one of those things that is built into us and comes on in different circumstances. Ok, that sounded like the description of a boner, but no, I’m talking about romance. Romance is defined by many things, of which acts of affection is one. Some pride themselves on their ‘romantic’ abilities, while others prefer to reveal it at the right time, in bed perhaps. But i think the fact is that, deep inside everyone there is a romantic, even in the morbid ones and the emo’s, I’m sure cutting themselves for the sake of the other has some romantic aspect to it. I find it funny when people refute that there is some romance in everyone but the fact is that we all are romantics, just that we chose to reveal that side to different people under different circumstances.

10 thoughts on “Romance

  1. as for romanticism, sure everyone has it inside. They might just not identify it as romanticism because to them ‘romance’could be something too stereotyped and labelled for them to identify with it. Its just a word for something that is too broad to even roughly identify as a feeling, afterall.

  2. True, everyones a hidden romantic.
    But what might be romantic to one, due to conditioning, expectations and media induced stereotyping, might not be for others.
    That’s how ‘But you never do anything romantic for me” fights come about

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