And the point is?

Despite all the conspiracies, the accepted truth is that man indeed landed on the moon. Space exploration and all that are a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry with programs running for decades now. Searching for distant stars, building an international space station and famously, getting a man on the moon, how have all the those things benefited man? I mean okay, the best thing to come out of it, is the satellite technology that is so vital to us today. But looking at it logically, it’s just a colossal waste of money, not to mention the lives lost for its cause. Some of the world’s most expensive accidents have been a result of these space programs. Couldn’t all that money be used to help things here on earth? Find cures for diseases and help alleviate problems like poverty?


4 thoughts on “And the point is?

  1. boooo! 😉

    Space research has led to stuff like the kidney dialysis machine, fyi! It’s not a waste of money, it’s just the next logical step in the evolution of the human species…

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