Konvict Muuuusic

It’s quite entertaining to see the response to the rejection of Akon’s visa by the government, amidst all the allegations and protests. It’s a total frenzy on all the social networking sites, with so many statuses condemning the government for its decision and some even celebrating his rejection.

But is it really fair to bash the government for this? The answer is not! This is actually a very prudent move by the government. In the past, we have seen what these so-called religious fundamentalists are capable of, when SRK’s concert back on ’04 was bombed. SRK and his crew never did anything to Buddhism, yet were treated to a grenade which killed two innocent people, including a mother-to-be. So if these people did something like that then, imagine what extent they would go to this time, especially with the whole defamation of the Buddha statue in his video.

It’s true that the country is set to lose a lot of money because of it, but it would be worse if they let him come down here and let the worse happen. That would have been a serious scar for Srilanka, but for once, Thank God, the government has made the right call. Boohoo though for Maharaja and all those who bought the tickets, but they just have to get the fuck over it. I mean we have bigger issues in this country than some guy not being able to perform his concert here. Hats off to the government for its prudence in this matter.

6 thoughts on “Konvict Muuuusic

  1. and the sound pollution, and the gayness, and the influx of akon fans that it brings, and… [can go on forever] 😀

  2. Yeah, I think the government acted as such as a precautionary measure. Though, I hope something can be sorted… this a crucial time for Sri Lanka, since it’s just getting back on it’s feet after being struck to the ground by the war. Sri Lanka needs the publicity.

  3. ok, but at least find the people who threw stones at a media station. They after all came in two CTB buses belonging to the Kelaniya magistrate. and the police came an hour late to the scene apparently. fix those issues then.

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