As the hands tick away

Every morning when I look at my face in the morning, I notice that there is one white beard more than the day before. It seems like only yesterday that I was praying for my beard to grow. With every passing moment its like the world is speeding up, or it could be that I’m slowing down. The only way to slow it down to a comfortable pace is by devoting more time to my cyber life. I spend more time staring at this box of circuits than I do the world right behind. But I fear that too doesn’t work anymore, the real world just doesn’t let you off that easy. I wonder how it will be in a decade when the changingΒ accelerates.

With changing circumstances, changing responsibilities and changing commitments, I wonder if the bloggers will still be bloggers, will people have time for facebook and barn buddy, I wonder what their tweets will say. @HalikAzeez could be tweeting about how it felt being Bear Gryllz’ successor, @thejester100 about how earlyΒ Alzheimer’s is messing up his blogging ability, @Afoxhound talking about how becoming a monk was the best think he ever did, @MegTegal boasting about how cute her sixth baby looks, @Papareboy celebrating the legalization of gay marriage in Srilanka, @sabbyaz complaining about how annoying it is getting copped for DUI, @pseudOrandom expressing her first thoughts upon receiving her Nobel Science Prize, @blackroseanarch cursing ‘murphy’ on his 35th B’day, @Sash_CoDV celebrating beating up an Indian chick, and @theUnsilent bitching about his boss.

Yep the future does look interesting, one thing I hope will never change about it is the networking. Long live our cyber lives and guys,Β please dontkillmeh.

20 thoughts on “As the hands tick away

  1. Babies??? BABIES??!?!?! And six of them??? 😯

    Nah man, I’ll be on the run, trying to dodge government secret agents cause of the articles I’d written exposing politicians for who they really are… πŸ˜›

  2. Dude where the hell did you get the thing about being a monk from? I would so be a monk… if they were allowed to have women! πŸ˜› Mind you I’d be a kick ass, six pack bearing Ninja monk!

  3. haha u mean making overdramtic TV shows about being surviving in ‘remote locations of the world?’

    yeah… sounds like a nice part time job!

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