I’m going on a hunge..I mean, ingesting only fluids-strike

Everyone’s heard of the great Mahatma Gandhi, the ‘Satyagrahas’ and the Great Salt March. Gandhi’s non-violent methods of protest were very instrumental in the bringing of independence to India. Many have emulated this all over the world but, lets just say they didn’t get the same results. Even the monks here are trying it out as we say this week in front of the Fort Railway Station. But apparently, that wasn’t a conventional hunger-strike, it was a “liquid only hunger-strike”. I mean WTF! women go on those “liquid only hunger-strikes” all the time but they call it the “liquid diet”. What is the point of calling it a hunger-strike if you are going to consume something. That just defeats the purpose, I mean if I was in the government I’d just take a look and think to myself, “oh well, don’t think there is any danger in that, oh look a video on US war crimes” and forget the monks.

4 thoughts on “I’m going on a hunge..I mean, ingesting only fluids-strike

  1. Yeah, and instead they went and manhandled and detained the monks… Aaand, with that, the number of shitty incidents that this government could’ve easily avoided goes up by one! 😀

  2. When Gandhi was on a hunger strike, the British scrambled because they knew that if he died, the masses would riot and there would be all hell breaking loose. Gandhi was influential… his living or dying made an impact from the grassroots to the highest point of the Raj.

    When university students, monks etc. go on “hunger strike” for whatever reason, people are like “who are they”? and “meh” and get on with their lives.

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