The Sexual Undercurrent

I found out recently that another definition for ‘mesmerize’ is “animal magnetism”. Yes you heard it right, animal magnetism! An attraction or invisible intangible pulling power between two animals, per se. So it got me thinking, these so-called ‘forces of attraction’ are they real?!, well it’s more obvious when that thing called lau comes in, but I mean all the other times, regardless of gender.

If you think about if for a while, there really is an attraction, mostly between different genders but same sexes as well. It’s sort of a sexual undercurrent that exists between people. In a way is sort of explains what makes a guy double take when a double D’d women walks past him or a woman’s jaw drop when she sees a muscular guy bending over.

I think based on preferences, the strength of the undercurrent  varies but never the less, it’s there. Given time the sexual undercurrent can lead to the development of other relationship elements like emotion. Even two women stranded on an island for a considerably long period of time are bound to give into the sexual undercurrent and get jiggy. I’m just saying.

10 thoughts on “The Sexual Undercurrent

  1. Well, regarding two people being stranded on an island… While it can go either way, I think it’s more often the case.

    I know quite a few people who’ve had arranged marriages and didn’t know much about their spouse until after they tied the knot, and are head over heels about them now.
    There has also been the extreme case of someone who absolutely did not want to get married and didn’t like her husband-to-be before they got married, but now she can’t bear to be away from him 😕

    Of course, conversely there are instances which had quite the opposite effect… But from what I’ve seen that’s very rare.

  2. Agreed. For any sort of relationship to form, be it friendship, love, whatever…there has to be some level of attraction or underlying chemistry (the undercurrent you mentioned).

    I guess the type of relationship formed is directly linear to the strength of the undercurrent 🙂

    But if you are gonna take Puppeteer’s example of arranged marriages, extreme cases where you haven’t met or know the person AT ALL…then it’s basically a gamble, I guess. Like throwing two bunnies into a cage and hoping they’d hump 😛

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