I lovethathouse…i mean, i love your daughter

I’ve lived in Sri Lanka  long enough to know most of the customs, traditions and all that jazz. Some of them I like and respect, but some I think are just fucking dumb.

Before I had cable TV, I was stuck watching the local channels  and there used to be this show on Swarnawahini called ‘Yeheli’ or something like that, it was called. It was about violence against women and so I was quite interested in it.

It portrayed many different cases where women were subjected to violence by men and if I remember right there was this one incident where the argument was about the marriage dowry.I never understood why the woman’s family has to give the guy something to marry his daughter.

I mean that’s like paying him to get married to her, which is just fucking stupid. First of all, why? I mean anyway, once a man marries a woman he vows to take care of her in return for loyalty, lau, etc, etc, etc.

But I wonder, how did it become customary or even mandatory to give a dowry to the guy? I’ve heard stories of men playing women just to get hold of their dowry’s. Women and their families are bound to get played by callous opportunistic fucks  out to get their money or whatever is on the dowry platter.

I don’t know, I’m just saying, dowry is one fucked up thing.

11 thoughts on “I lovethathouse…i mean, i love your daughter

  1. it is dumb. but in a country where ppl struggle for their basic needs, a son or daughter in a marriageable age maybe a money ticket to a better life.

  2. Some parents see it as a means of ensuring their daughter will be provided for even if the prospective son-in-law screws up financially.

  3. It was SUPPOSED to boost up the start of their lives. Having your own place to live means you’re cutting down on a lot of starting costs. But greedy people are greedy!

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