If a lawyer is a liar, a soldier is a murderer

I hope to be a lawyer someday and so do many people I associate on a normal basis and something that usually comes up when discussing the matter is “OH YOU HAVE TO LIE A LOT”, “THAT’S A LIARS JOB”, etc, etc. I think this refers to cases where you are defending someone who is wrong of maybe instances where you ‘do not let out everything’. But then again isn’t that choice, who you choose to represent and how you plan to go about a case.

If you use that same logic and look at warfare, aren’t soldiers committing murder? After all, on the battlefield they are ending another man’s life yea? So is that were the case would you tell someone who is going to join the army that he is going to be a MURDERER?! I mean if you look at the roles and the circumstances they are doing the same thing, their job. If doing their jobs entails such things, they shouldn’t be judged by it. I’m just saying.


One thought on “If a lawyer is a liar, a soldier is a murderer

  1. you are playing empty word games. lol

    but since you ask,
    ( note – i don’t think all lawyer are lairs but again since you ask,)

    there is a difference.

    a soldier knows he will kill and has no problem admitting it. ( in fact most will ppl rightly glorify what they do) because what he does (killing terrorists and enemy soldiers ) is according to law and generally accepated moral standards) and to great extent on behalf of others at great risk to himself.

    lawyers ( and in your case perspective lawyers ) will not admit they are liars. and such lies ( covering up truth and accusing and blaming innocents and victims etc ) are against ethics of the profession and generally accepted moral standards, mostly for their own benefit and at no risk to themselves.


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