Professional or Personal

I was involved this morning in a rift with a friend who, let’s just say did something that wasn’t very pleasant. The matter was regarding a professional matter, but him being my friend, it was obviously a more personal thing because it affected other friends. The matter is over and resolved now, but there is doubt on the way it was conducted.

How do you react to something that professional yet personal? Is it wrong to get angry and go out at a person when he fucks up or is it wrong to just STFU and let him get away with it?

But when it’s comes to an infuriating matter that is set on that blurry line between being professional and getting personal, how do you decide which to go by?  Do you go on impulse and act according to your nature or hold down and be ‘diplomatic’? Obvious by looking at this people are going to say “Be diplomatic!!” but think about it, put yourself in that position, spin the same circumstances around you, obvious you’re not going to act in the same way you preach. I’m just saying.

2 thoughts on “Professional or Personal

  1. The right thing to do would be to act diplomatically but I’m pretty sure many off us wouldn’t do so. I try to keep them both far apart as much as possible, but at times we can’t help, usually no other option. Thats how I would go.

    It’s great to hear that things are better now. Interesting thoughts.


    • yeah, but i guess when in anger we act on emotions and discard common logic which of course dictates we handle the situation diplomatically. oh well the problem is solved yeah. 🙂 thanks.


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