Dry Vaginas and exhausted right hands

Showing affection to that loved one, or even the one whose pants you just want to get in, has always been a common sight in most western movies and most places around the world. I mean, what’s wrong in showing your affection to someone where you choose? Physical contact, hormones, pheromones, etc are all part of romance, which is important for anyone considering to get married.

But as a recent BBC report states, young couples are being arrested for their display’s of affection. Apparently the old farts in the towns think the behavior is indecent and in that category of ‘indecent behavior’ are cuddling, making out and get this..HOLDING HANDS! I mean WTF how can that be indecent? Tons of couples reaching their silver jubilees still hold hands, and I don’t think the youngsters complain when the men in villages go wife-swapping and the women sex-up the neighbor’s mason-bas.

It is just so absurd being arrested for expressing one’s love, what next? Is the government going to slap chastity belts on and deploy ‘anti-love police’ after everyone till the day they get married?! Or even censor parts of teledrama’s where a couple is holding hands?What about those paintings of naked women on Sigiriya, shouldn’t they be taken off? But I betcha, a foreign couple making out on the mount beach, won’t get the same treatment…pfft.

25 thoughts on “Dry Vaginas and exhausted right hands

  1. Haha.
    I knew public affection was frowned upon, I didn’t know you could get arrested for it! It’s a bit absurd that they *just* started to notice couples “…hanging around in public parks and bus stands” considering all this ‘under the umbrella’ business has been going on forever (the common form of romancing in Sri Lanka).

    Maybe there’s a hidden story behind it, something that the district doesn’t wanna publicize too much. I don;t know. Either way, it’s a bit sad.

  2. this is horrible

    “Is the government going to slap chastity belts on and deploy ‘anti-love police’ after everyone”
    won’t be surprised if they really did :S

  3. I often wonder when reading paper articles on couples ‘arrested’ for being ‘indecent’ in PARKS, what exactly entails in being indecent! I’m sure they’re just making out..so what…Where else are couples supposed to go? Movies are damn expensive to the common man, and motels are just sleazy right. hmm.. :S the BBC report is just embarrassing, lol. I think its the police that is so bothered really.

    • well the weirdest thing happened yesterday when 8 of us went to a park, 4 girls and 4 guys, and they security dude kept following us around and then said he’s on the look out for couples, and don’t come back.

  4. It was inevitable I suppose. Anti alcohol, anti tobacco and now this.

    I wonder what offence they have been charged with?

    Next anti meat I suppose,

  5. I’m sure they can’t pass that bill in parliament cause all the farts there do it. The former chief justice was caught romancing a woman at the parliament grounds 😛 What they don’t get is, i.e. the old farts, is that they did the same thing when they were young. we’ll see how this goes.
    Excellent post buddy.


    • thanks mate 🙂

      yeah, i don’t see why this change exists, probably because the generation before us was more more material minded and in the pursuit of riches forgot what things like this are about and now seeing like this only remind them of what they didn’t have, hence invoking sexual frustration and envy.

  6. I’m not sure what to think really. When I first read the BBC article I thought it was just underage kids who were supposed to be in school caught for ‘indecent behaviour’

    After reading all the reports, I’m not quite sure what this is. We are such hypocrites.

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