Heading for the car

Looks like there is no turning back now

It’s pointless to think about why and how

The skyscrapers put everything into perspective

How small we really are in the end

Wish I had the time to let things mend

But it’s too late to think this through

The choice was easy – me or you

Decisions made, harsh words spoken

Lies revealed, hearts broken

Too little, too late

The only way to explain this is fate

Heading for the car

Distance to go, a few more feet

Time for that one last tweet

falling down a building right now, almost at the end, thanks for all the entertainment over the years, take care and have a good life #goodbyecruelworld

6 thoughts on “Heading for the car

  1. Going out with a tweet, eh? 🙂

    And the weird thing is that it’s not very implausible that such a thing would happen! 😐

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