Fathers day without one

Nothing new really, just hurts when all those kids call into Gold Fm to talk about their dads. Sometimes I wonder why fate screws over the good people, but that answer is just beyond me, or anyone else for that matter. Sometimes I guess you have to stop asking questions and be satisfied with the answers you already have. Funny how it takes so long to realize something so simple. Feels funny hearing all those kids on Gold Fm, knowing that you have so much more to say, but no one to say it to. Anyway that’s just me thinking out loud. Happy Fathers Day Dad,  all the other Dads, past and present, and yes even the alcoholic ones out there.

5 thoughts on “Fathers day without one

  1. Never stop asking questions. just be ready for the answers. Fathers usually hear, does not matter where they are!

  2. Screw this commercialized shit! I’m sure he is watching and listening. Lets take it easy 🙂

    On another tone, love what you have done with the blog. Looks really good. The backgrounds are great. Killer heading. Excellent stuff!


  3. Happy belated father’s day to him. He’s got a son that he can really be proud of, and you should be happy about that mate. 🙂

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