C’est la vie

Wasted in Unawatuna tripping to Edward Mayo’s Stereo Love, staring up at the sky, watching the moon illuminated world go by slowly and calmly, devoid noise and pollution of urban life. Comfortably numb finally makes sense as for once the world is not a moving blur of things we are trying to keep up with, but rather a magical place of simultaneous and spontaneous activity and occurrences. It’s at this time you just, only just begin to understand this thing called life.
Feeling alive, real, in a world where much tends to be fake and artificial. It’s now I realize the working of everything, the cycles, the ladders, the systems. It’s a feeling of liberation from the mundane pattern of life we live every day, the deadlines, the objectives, the avarice and destruction. It’s a refreshing feeling, one that comes far too seldom in this robotic world. But for the moment, for these few priceless minutes, c’est la vie.

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