The Morning After

It felt like being the only person to wake up to the morning after the apocalypse.

So many feelings and emotions buzzing along with the memories of what was, some you try to reminisce and others you try to suppress.

It’s a sense of clouded liberation, you feel free but floating around in your conscience, like mist are the remnants of what was.

The shock waves from the past night are still bouncing around mind and heart, tremors of insecurity and regret are constant.

But then the sun shines through the window and hits your face, it’s a new sense of warmth as you close your eyes and let all your thoughts crumble till there is a blank.

Your mind is now just a blank space in the universe, nothing going in, nothing coming out.

All loses forgotten, new hopes begotten, I guess it’s time to set foot into a new day.

The morning after is a quite a rare surreal experience, well at least if you’re the one responsible for the Apocalypse.

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