The blower’s daughter

♫ and so it is, just like you said it would be, life goes easy on me ….♫ sings on Damien Rice and it reminds me of this palm reader I came across during an evening on the beach. I’ve always laughed at people who live by the stars, because I mean, how can a giant globe of burning hydrogen millions of light years away affect who you’re going to marry? I mean, what next? “Don’t eat that apple! the stars ain’t aligned enough for you to do that”. But when it comes to palmistry, either I’m a sucker or they really are right, well sometimes.

I’ve seen books on palmistry and you can learn it online as well, but to see these people in action, ripping out predictions like Eddie Van Halen belting out ‘Eruption’, is quite amazing. Although I have to agree that some of the things they say about the past is just bogus, then again who cares about the past. This happened exactly a year ago, and she said life would go easy on me and it so has, coincidence? I don’t think so, coz a lot of other things she said that I can’t mention here came about as well. Palm reading WIN, I guess. Hokum or supernatural, who knows could be either, depends on your perspective.

Whatever it is, it’s worth a try, I’m just saying. And the title stems from the song that inspired this.


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