The returning dark days, an old friend.

Back in physics 101 we all learn about the laws of gravity, what goes up must come down and all that jazz. But sometimes that applies not only to physics but to so many other things in life. Not everything is finite in terms of energy, movement, etc, things can’t be eternally constant, they just have to change one way or the other. I don’t know why though, perhaps the mysterious guy hiding in the clouds will have the answer to that.

I’m sure everyone sometime or the other has gone through dark days where nothing goes right and everyone’s out to get you and worse than that are what I call the dark nights where your self esteem and self belief plummet. It’s a hard time, sometimes it happens with cause and reason, sometimes not. But both times you can see it coming, like a bad storm with its ominously gray clouds, thunder trembling the earth beneath your feet and the uncertain lightning making the hair on your back stand up because you have no idea where it will strike.

Suddenly I see this very sight in the vast wilderness of my consciousness, ravaging my thoughts, it’s almost like my soul being dragged into a whirlpool. At the bottom of it lies a sort of purgatory, a dark place of madness, paranoia and uncertainty. Uncertainty of when it will pass, when the day will come when you can stop talking to the shadows in your mind and smell the fresh air after the storm. But that’s the thing about a big storm isn’t it? You can’t really see the end or discern how long it will last. It’s all down to weathering the storm and hoping the dark days will lead to better days. But for now, this depression is an unexpected yet welcome old friend.


One thought on “The returning dark days, an old friend.

  1. Couldn’t have said it better.

    It happens man! The friend decided to pay a visit to me too. Lets hope time heals.
    Take it easy bung.

    Also, sorry for not commenting on your previous posts. I was crazy busy during the past few weeks.


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