The SLC needs balls!

And no, I’m not talking about leather Kookaburras, I’m talking about actual balls. This recent no-ball fiasco is just total bullshit and what’s worse is the way SLC is sticking its tongue in the BCCI’s ass. Sportsmen behave in an unsportsmanlike manner all the time and given how commercialized sports has become who can blame them.

But that’s not to say they can, comon, it’s just ruins the game. But in this case with Randiv getting fined and the BCCI requesting inquiries and all that is just absurd. India is infamous for it unsportsmanlike behavior at times, and even Sehwag, the man at the center of it all has done that same that Randiv did, to Morkel, sometime back. I’m pretty sure someone in the SLC is aware of that.

But fining Randiv, launching investigations and making our players apologize is just stupid. The SLC has to grow some fucking balls and tell the BCCI to get the fuck over it! It’s all in the game. Although this isn’t the first time SLC has been sucking up to someone. After that farce of a final in 2007, when Sri Lanka had to bat in almost darkness, after a poorly organized game, the SLC sent them a letter to the ICC saying it was wonderfully organized, etc.

And I also heard that 3 people got arrested for, get this, calling Yuvraj a ‘water-boy’! Insane I fucking tell you. Every time we come across something like this, the SLC leadership eagerly bends over says ‘please, stick it in here’. Gives us a few clues as to how these people might be getting to their position in the board yea? I’m just saying.


3 thoughts on “The SLC needs balls!

  1. I know man. Even so many talented new comers don’t get the chance to prove them selves. The SLC just takes and gives so much ass, they can’t afford to be straight with either one of them. Lets hope the committee will change soon and they get people who don’t take and give ass!, people with actual BALLS!

    For new Balls!


  2. The taste of IPL and direct BCCI money, typical Sri Lankan fear to Indians (Oh they are BIGGG!), plus teh ball-less-ness!

    They don’t fucking care that they just let a good kid a fucking lot of miles back with a *large* patch of black paint in his back! :S

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