Sigiriya (+18 Only)

Is what the sign at the foot Sigiriya is going to say. I mean now that the government is cracking down on pornography and related things deemed ‘obscene’, the ancient paintings of nude women should fall into that category. Also possible to happen is that babies can’t open their eyes and look at their mom’s boobs when being breast-fed and will be a punishable offence I suppose.

But how natural is any of this? I mean studies prove that it’s healthy for men to stare at women’s boobs, and I suppose, in the same way healthy for women to stare at a guy’s zipper region. I’m just saying. But this latest crackdown on porn, again, is just insane. I mean, man by nature is carnal and sex is pleasurable for a reason.

In the US, the average teenager gets laid around 30 times a year supposedly (not sure how true that is), but rest of the time, he or she is just pleasuring themselves. Frustration is a natural thing, it just builds up, that vulgar burning in your genitals area and heat in your loins, ok I’ll stop there, you get the point yea?

Where is the outlet for that? Shouldn’t people be given room for that? That which is natural! Because, fucking with nature usually has adverse consequences, as we’ve come to know, and in the case of frustration, men raping women and women sticking test tubes in their vaginas! (Sorry about bringing it up Visakha people). Looks like shit like that is going to be on the increase. And did you guys also know that it is a Sri Lankan guy who is one of the heads of the American porn industry?

Anyway, I’m just saying, porn is a necessity to society, everyone at sometime, needs to let off steam..and maybe something else too, at the end of a long day. But that being said, I don’t think we need to worry, nature always finds a way.

8 thoughts on “Sigiriya (+18 Only)

  1. People will start doing crazy stuff to get access to porn. Lads who can’t find their way around the internet will look for other sources like cd’s and dvd’s. Those businesses that were taking a low, would now have a great out burst in demand. I’m sure we will hear some good drama in the days to come.

    If it’s a fucking democratic country, people should have the right to do what they want. Baning it is not the way to go, just because kids have access to it. I hope the younger kids will know at least how the process take place. We don’t want 20 year olds who don’t know what goes where! Seriously, shit like this can happen, if this goes like this.

    By doing all this people will get in to more trouble, and that is no what the government wants right now. I hope they seriously consider, letting more room for nature. Hoping the boards won’t pop in Sigiriya.

    Super post!


  2. “I mean studies prove that it’s healthy for men to stare at women’s boobs, and I suppose, in the same way healthy for women to stare at a guy’s zipper region.”

    O_o could you cite your sources please?

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