It’s not until you have died inside

Descended to the depths of hell

And marched against it’s fiery tide

Fought for your soul and for your life

Defeating the demons within you

Amidstthe darkness, grief and strife

Shattered dreams, broken bones

Trials, sorrow, anguish and pain

Broken hearts and empty homes

Climbing up fate’s jagged slope

Dragging along whats left of your dreams

on a tray of hope

Through the doldrums you must fight

Past the hardships and suffering

And rise into the ray of light

Broken free from fate’s gyve

It’s when you rise from the ashes

That you are truly alive


4 thoughts on “Rising

  1. definitely your best thus far


    if possible do away with the use of the following listed cliches (although you have done a pretty good job of stringing these together) unless you feel you are really really tapping into something new – because i am sure that even you realise this verbiage is the bane of true original poetry as they have been so overused as they lack colour and violence – you have to find the sound/music/swagger of your voice to capture the rhythms of your life which is what is important and try to unify the personal elements with the universality of their themes and the nuances that they lend themselves to in their union/marriage/intercourse within the intertextuality of the text

    “depths of hell”/”fiery tide”/”Fought for your soul”/”Defeating the demons”/”Shattered dreams, broken bones”/”Broken hearts and empty homes”/”fate’s jagged slope”/”the ray of light”/”rise from the ashes”

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